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No heat? No sweat. We have a repair for that.

It is cold. It is dark. It is the dead of winter. That is ok! You have got your furnace to keep you toasty. Until it… quits!

If your heating system is not heating properly, contact Rowlett Air! We know how to quickly and affordably fix it. (469)666-7846

Signs That it’s Time for Sunnyvale Heating Repair

By inspecting your heater regularly, it is easy to anticipate repairs. Noticing small changes in the way your heater runs can help prevent you from running into a huge emergency repair. Check for any of these symptoms before it gets cold:

  • Not heating the house properly: If your heater is running, but there is no warm air coming out of your vents, you may have a clogged air filter. Having a clogged or dirty air filter will prevent air from circulating through the heater and will put a strain on other parts of the heater. It is best to change your air filters often.
  • Heater not starting when it should: This problem can be caused by a malfunctioning thermostat. If the thermostat is not reading the temperature correctly, it will not start when it is supposed to.
  • Loss of heating control: If your heater is not heating properly, or overheating, you may be experiencing airflow problems caused by broken belts, fan motors, or bearings.

An inefficient heating system can produce high monthly heating bills or safety issues that can harm the inhabitants of a Sunnyvale home or office. Heating repair Sunnyvale. To prevent inefficiency and malfunctions, it is important to call one of Rowlett Air’s licensed heating specialists to inspect your heating system and ensure it is ready for a Sunnyvale winter. Some of the things we look for include:

  • Carbon monoxide detection systems
  • Faulty thermostat/regulators – the system works overtime
  • Capacitors/ignition systems are working properly
  • Checking of vents, flues, and ductwork
  • Replacement of air filters
  • Lubrication of blower and motor shafts
  • Belts on the fan blower

Sunnyvale Heating Repair and Emergency Service

If emergency service is required, here’s a couple of things to remember…

  • Someone is available 24/7/365 to address your needs.
  • No price gouging for after-hours service calls, but there is a premium charge.
  • During normal business hours, we can often dispatch someone the same day.
  • The most common furnace parts are stocked on our vehicles.

To avoid emergencies, regular maintenance is highly recommended via an annual tune-up or one of our more comprehensive maintenance agreements that include not only the furnace or heat pumps but the air conditioner, water heater, and all major appliances. Rowlett Air has the highest standard of providing honest service that puts the customer first.  Heating systems today are very efficient and require a more experienced technician to maintain, repair, or install.  Our heating technicians are available across Sunnyvale and the surrounding area.

Our technicians are factory authorized representatives, qualified to service your existing system or install a new system.

A Sunnyvale home or commercial heating system in need of repair, we can help you out! Do not wait to call Rowlett Air Today. (469)666-7846

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