AC Repair Company in Rowlett, TX

You may not be able to choose when your AC goes out, but you can choose which AC repair company in Rowlett, Texas, to call. Commercial and residential clients choose Rowlett Air for affordable, fast, and friendly AC repair service. Reach out to our air conditioning repair company the next time you are experiencing issues, and see why clients have come to us since 1989.

Comprehensive AC Repair Service

If you have an AC problem, you know we’ll solve it with our comprehensive AC repair service offered at affordable rates. Our air conditioning repair technician has the equipment, knowledge, and skill to handle any challenge in a timely manner. Count on our AC service company to properly diagnose the problem and quickly develop a solution. We address:

  • Compressor Breakdowns
  • Clogged Compressor Coils
  • Handler Failures
  • Refrigerator Leaks
  • Expired Motors
  • Malfunctioning Sensors

We can take care of all major AC brands for both commercial and residential use. Our technicians go through rigorous and mandatory training to ensure they keep up with the latest changes and technology updates in the industry. In addition, you will have a peace of mind because you know that we conduct thorough background checks for every single of our technicians. The members of our staff who visit your home and commercial facilities represent the cream of this industry with no exaggeration. They exercise the top professionalism and working ethics at every single moment while they provide the services. There are no exceptions, excuses, and second chances for our technicians. It’s not your privilege, but rather the right to demand and get only the best for your AC.

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Air Conditioning Repair Company

Have peace of mind knowing that your air conditioning unit is in the hands of a skilled air conditioning repair company with a reputation for reliable service. Our thorough inspections mean we make the right diagnosis the first time. With the problem identified, we provide an accurate quote for the parts and labor so that you know what to expect. The full transparency of our work and prices are at the very core of our business. There are no hidden costs and unpleasant surprises when you work with us. Our goal is always to same. We aim to fix all of your problems during the very first visit. That’s why we carry all the right tools and original spare parts with us. In addition, before we begin with the work, we make sure that we have thoroughly evaluated your situation and problems to the tiniest details

Exceptional Air Conditioning Repair Service

We are focused on helping commercial and residential clients with all of their air conditioning repair needs. We understand that a system in disrepair can cause a miserable day for everyone at home or the office. That is why we offer extended hours and Saturday service. Don’t go without a working air conditioning system for longer than you have to. Reach out to our company for prompt air conditioning repair service from a trained air conditioning repair technician. Our exceptional services have quite a reputation well-known as the two-time-call. The first time you call us to get to your home and help you. The second call is to share your excitement about the results of our work. If you have to call more than twice, then this means that you have to complain and ask for additional repairs. That’s not the case with us. Our two-time-call repair policy has kept us going in this business for more than twenty years. Rest assured that we intend to keep it this way as long as we are in the business.

AC Maintenance

Inadequate maintenance is the leading cause of premature AC system failure. Don’t worry about AC maintenance with affordable service contracts from our air conditioning company. Contracts include scheduled visits to perform a thorough visual inspection of your whole system, from the filters to the condenser and evaporator coils. If you are interested in optimizing your system’s performance, we also provide an air conditioner and furnace tune-ups.

Air conditioning maintenance contracts are a sure way to extend the life of your air conditioning and heating system. Our maintenance contracts let you handle issues before they become major problems. Moreover, with a system tune-up, you can reduce your utility costs by enhancing the performance of your system. Spend less to avoid spending a lot more in the future with preventative air conditioning maintenance.

You know how they say – the proper prevention is the best cure there is. The same applies to your AC systems. You can’t believe a few minutes of regular maintenance done on time and according to the top standards can do for the years of reliable and error-free service of your AC. Together, we will come up with the most suitable and affordable maintenance model for both your commercial and residential needs.

You may ask us – hey, what’s the catch? Aren’t you supposed to make money in this business with the costly repair work? Well, that’s not our thing. You may repair and charge as much as you like only once. But, the satisfied customer will keep calling you for regular maintenance work as long as the AC is in use. When this customer acquires a new device, we get an invitation for an installation work. The new device renews our old friendship and trust.

Maintenance is all about the trust we work hard to build with every single of our customers. Every year we ask and get a confirmation that we have done a good job. Our maintenance network has been built on word of mouth and five-star recommendations. That’s our strongest motivation for hard work. We know that every successful repair and fully satisfactory maintenance work will be rewarded with dozens of new clients. Now, it is your turn to put our good business name to the real test. Give us a call and see for yourself what has kept us going on in this business since 1989.